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Songstar Recording Studio

  Broadcast quality production and consulting for songwriters, artists and composers

"Robbie has surpassed all my expectations and I am very happy with the end product. Robbie is a skilled musician and has access to some of the finest talent around the world for a very reasonable price. I strongly recommend him. You will not be disappointed!"

James Wilson - Songwriter (client)

"If you are a songwriter and you want to have your song come to life the way you hear it in your head, I would strongly advise you to get in touch with Robbie. He is very detailed in finding out, how you want your song produced, if you want it for radio or film and TV, if there are any ala's that would sound similar to the sound you want, what type of instruments you would like and he also keeps you updated on every aspect of the production as he goes .

Robbie is very easy to talk to and works with you every step of the way, to make sure your song turns out the way that you want it to.

His rates are very reasonable, and ( if you are a Canadian resident ) and have ever had your songs produced in the U.S., you will appreciate the exchange rate savings even more !

What can I say. Give Robbie a call on your next project. He is well worth it !"
Tom Hoy - Songwriter (client)

"Robbie is ALL the things people have written about him and so much more!  I had such a blast recording a song in his studio.  He is warm and fun and at the same time very professional and wants you to achieve your best!  Robbie is a GEM as a producer and I am excited to learn more from him as a songwriter soon as well! Thank you so much Robbie!

                                                                                                                                Sheryl Walsh - Vocalist (client)

"I would highly recommend Robbie as a producer.  He produced something eye-opening for me, a finished product I could be proud to submit in a genre that was not my comfort I'm proud to call it my baby....Thanks ROBBIE!"

Ewart Williams - Songwriter/cruise ship performer (client)

"Robbie is a dedicated musician, teacher and songwriter. In my acquaintance with him, he does what he says he will, and is about excellence and integrity in everything he does."

Judy Rodman, #1 hit songwriter/award winning vocal coach/producer

"I had the fortune to work with him this year on several of his songs, and I was impressed both by his songwriting and production ideas, and his vocal and instrumental performances. Robbie is also an emerging producer in his own right"

Andy Gabrys, film composer, award winning engineer, producer

"Robbie is a truly talented singer-songwriter and one of the hardest working and dedicated musicians I have had the pleasure to work with."

Cynthia Steele, Cellist (KW Chamber Orchestra)

"Robbie Hancock has a whole lot of experience when it comes to making music.  He's a fountain of knowledge and it's great that he shares that with his clients.  He's also a great coach.  For my project he helped my singer find confidence in his vocal takes.  I was very pleased with his attitude in the studio, and also with the quality of his recordings."

- Franky Bechard, songwriter (client)

"Robbie is a dedicated, self motivated person who applies himself 100% to whatever project he is involved with. He has established himself as a world class songwriter and performer and has been credited for his skills by many of the high end industry markets and critics. Aside from an awesome work ethic he has great people skills and has always been a pleasure to work with."

Nathan Nasby, film/tv artist composer, engineer and producer

"I had the great pleasure recently of recording some cello tracks @ SongStar studio. Robbie is wonderful to work with and knows how to achieve what he is looking for in the studio. Enthusiastic, kind, patient and creative.  He made the recording session run smoothly from start to finish. What more could you ask for?  I'm looking forward to the next opportunity to record with him. Cynthia Steele, freelance cellist."

Shayne Green, songwriter/composer for film/tv